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My Journey so Far In Internet Marketing

If you have read my About Paul Elphick/Welcome page you will know my background in internet marketing. Also that I have learnt about many different business models. But which is the best business model in internet marketing?

My plan over the next month is to share what I have been doing. Learning and putting into practice. It is not necessarily in chronological order but will give you some insight.

I will also be adding various articles about internet marketing that will help you in your journey whether you are a newbie or have some experience already.

You will see the different business models I have been involved in, and put into practice. Admittedly some I have put more effort and time into than others. Also as I want to impress on you, internet marketing is a journey and we never stop learning. Well, maybe once you have set up a business making you $1 million a year + you could just stick with that, but then learn how to make that business even better!

My hope is that you will enjoy the articles on this blog and be inspired to get involved and try out the business models which is the best for you. Not just something that makes you money but something that you ENJOY!

After all, many of us get into internet marketing as way to escape having a J.O.B. (just over broke) and “Working for the Man” building your employers lifestyle and dreams rather than your own.

You want to be doing something that you love doing, in that way you will have the motivation to continue learning, doing and moving forward in your internet marketing business.

I am going to be upfront with you in case you don’t know this already –  this internet marketing lark does require an investment of time and effort. Things will not usually just work overnight but do it right, preferably with the help of a mentor (request the free ebook at the top this page to find out about my recommended mentoring program). If you have the determination and tenacity – you will succeed

The other thing you will need is an investment of money. Some people are under the mis-conception that they can start a business for free.

Sorry, but in the real world, indeed for any type of business on the internet, or for a more traditional business start-up capital is required as well as on-going investment of money.

This isn’t going to work for you if you do not have money to invest in training courses and mentoring, tools such as website builders (I will also have posts on this blog reviewing the tools I use) and quite often advertising. You are building a business as an entrepreneur (entrepreneur means risk taker) not a hobby.

Become a proper entrepreneur not a shonky hustler or a Del Boy (maybe only people in Britain will get this reference!). Don’t sell anything dodgy (like investment scams). Make sure you have a clear conscience.

del boy

My list of Business Models in Internet Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing (MLM)
  • CPA Marketing (Cost Per Action – Affiliate Marketing)
  • Domain Flipping
  • Digital Products, Such as Courses, Software, Membership Sites (Selling and/or Creating)
  • Freelancing – for example on Upwork or Fiverr
  • Buying and Selling Physical Products Online e.g. Ebaying
  • Video and YouTube Marketing
  • Design, Create and Sell Custom Made Goods on Etsy
  • Publishing for Example Creating and Selling Ebooks on Amazon Kindle
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your own Websites or as an Agency for other businesses
  • E-Commerce – Dropshipping with an Online Store such as  a Shopify store or Sell your own Stock
  • Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sending stock to Amazon’s warehouse and Sell on Amazon
  • Print on Demand – Create Designs and place them on products which will be made for you and sent to customers e.g. T-Shirts
  • Blogging


Stick with it and stick with this blog. Visit every day and you will often see new content. Or even better subscribe to my email list and you will then be notified as soon as the blog is updated. I will even give you a free bonus if you subscribe which will help you in your journey. See my bonus page. Subscribe, email me at info@paulelphick.com to request your bonus and I will send it to you. You can unsubscribe in the future if you wish of course.

So here’s looking forward to going on the journey to financial freedom with you. Have a great day.

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Paul Elphick
Paul Elphick

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to help you fulfill your dream of leaving your day job and being a self-employed entrepreneur enjoying the freedom and the money working as an internet marketer can bring to your life. Or if you love your job I will help you create your own side hustle to earn some extra money to supplement your income. Keep visiting for more tips and recommendations on products and services to help you succeed.

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