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Paul Elphick Welcomes You

Hello my name is Paul Elphick

Thank you for visiting my blog, this is the very first post, I am looking forward to taking you on a journey of learning, applying learning and making money. Internet marketing is my passion, at first a hobby or side hustle and now a way of life and I am loving everything about it

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my past career. I am currently in my 40’s and have been working in the insurance industry in a variety of jobs from an underwriter to a call centre customer service consultant (not much fun, but I was never afraid of talking to people on the phone again after that). However, most of the time I have been an insurance broker. I have technical skills and knowledge in insurance, and earnt professional qualifications and picked up some useful sales and marketing skills. 

My first experience of marketing was when I was introduced to Network Marketing as a distributor for Utility Warehouse in the UK, I had a reasonable amount of success and helped some people to save money on their bills and helped other people to make money by being distributors as well.

I joined in 2004 and I am still earning about 40 GBP a month in residual income – a commission I receive every month my customers pay their utility bills, so since 2004 I have earnt a total of about 9000 GBP, but have not been able to expand my business since moving to Australia. If you live in the UK have a look at the opportunity HERE

I will do a separate post about Utility Warehouse at a future date. Watch this space.

How I discovered Internet Marketing

Back in 2006 I was between jobs and had 2 months at home without much to do, it was then that I started researching “making money online” which I am sure a lot of people do. I bought a few things from sellers on ebay, read some books and dabbled in lots of things such as trading the financial markets (not recommended unless you really know what you are doing).

Well, I dabbled a bit in affiliate marketing and ran some Google Ads campaigns but didn’t really know what I was doing so spent more on advertising than I gained in commissions (sound familiar) When I started my new job I was fully immersed in that and put internet marketing to one side but I did have another look into it now and again.

Whilst working in my job in Caterham, Surrey, UK after a few years the entrepreneurial spirit in me led me to seek new ways to make a bit of extra money, and also have fun – running a little side business has always been enjoyable for me.

Online I found some companies that pay money for certain books, CDs and DVDs so I started seeking them in jumble sales, fetes and charity shops. I used my smartphone to check if they were worth buying and then sold them to the book companies but also tried selling them on Ebay and Amazon first.

I will produce a course about it or write a book and share all my secrets including what worked and didn’t work at some point in the future – watch this space.

The main thing is it was profitable and added a few hundred extra pounds to my income every month which paid for holidays and trips abroad (including some very expensive trips (keep reading and you will see why they were expensive)

paul elphickpaul elphck

Wanted Down Under

Life has a habit of bringing the unexpected, and in my 30’s – there is me in my 30’s, handsome huh? I spent a lot of time online (nothing unusual there) looking for a suitable woman to share my life with. I met some great women and had some good times but in the end the lady I married I met offline – an Australian who was on the same sightseeing holiday as me in Greece. We were both living in London at the time and our relationship developed to the point where we got married in 2012.

Every year we went for 2-3 weeks over to Adelaide, Australia to have a holiday and visit my wife’s family and friends every year and eventually moved there in 2017. We had a 1 year old boy and then 2 years later had a baby girl.

Having kids is great but I wanted to have something else to do other than going to work and looking after the new family so I picked up internet marketing again.

I have learnt lots of different business models in making money online including affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, domain flipping, video and Youtube marketing, SEO as an affiliate ranking websites at the top of google, running a digital marketing SEO agency and building and launching digital products. I also have a shopify e-commerce store BeeBeeShoppingUSA and a dog blog The Pooch Lover

This blog will include a variety of posts regarding the various internet marketing business models as well as information and advice, recommended tools and products to help you succeed in this blog.

I have taken a lot of courses and learnt from some of the greats in internet marketing and I have been heavily influenced by Lance Groom, John Thornhill, Robin Palmer, Jason Calouri, Mike Long, Daniel Anton, Joseph Margofolio, Steve Clayton, Aidan Booth and others.

Putting together all of the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle by learning from a wide variety of experts in specialized areas of marketing has helped me see the big picture and understand how to get everything working. 

If I could give one piece of advice to finish with it is this – invest in yourself, if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to be serious about it and this means investing time, effort and money – if you are half hearted in anything you do in this business you will not succeed.

When you do invest in learning don’t just take courses, put them into action and be serious about working hard on them and even better get a mentor to work with who will teach you as you go, answer your questions, help you through any roadblocks and push you to become successful.

I am here to help you. If you have any questions on anything in this blog or need any personal coaching or mentoring please contact me at info@paulelphick.com

To Your Success, Paul Elphick

PS If you asked me to recommend one piece of information that could get you started and become a success This is it. Attend the free training and be sure to take notes.

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Paul Elphick
Paul Elphick

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to help you fulfill your dream of leaving your day job and being a self-employed entrepreneur enjoying the freedom and the money working as an internet marketer can bring to your life. Or if you love your job I will help you create your own side hustle to earn some extra money to supplement your income. Keep visiting for more tips and recommendations on products and services to help you succeed.

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