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Utility Warehouse Network Marketing – I Share My Experience

If you have read my first post Welcome to My Blog you will know that my first introduction to business was in 2004 when I was recruited into a utility company which sold it’s products/services using a Network Marketing business model.

The company was Utility Warehouse. They have grown using network marketing to gain customers to the point where they are now one of the top 250 companies in the UK.  They are listed on the London Stock Exchange in the FTSE250.

No advertising, no direct selling to the public by the company. They doesn’t advertise so pass on the savings to their customers.

utility warehouse distributor review

Back in 2004 I didn’t understand what MLM or Network Marketing is, I just followed the training. I spoke to people I knew and just asked them what they were paying for their utilities and then shared with them what Utility Warehouse offered and worked out how much money they could save.

I also shared with them the benefit of having all of their utilities with one company.

A few years later the cashback card was introduced and this made it so much easier to sell as people could use their card which is a mastercard at Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s etc and others, and get 3 or 5% cashback in the form of a discount on their utility bill. If someone spent enough in the shops they would spend next to nothing on their utility bill.

I never did a hard sell and if I didn’t think I could save them money on their phone, gas, electricity, broadband or mobile phone bill, I was upfront and told them. Integrity is the only way to do business.

We were give an analogy of driving a kayak or canoe, use both paddles. One paddle gather new customers, the other paddle gather new distributors. I took this seriously and for about 1 to 2 years I had built a reasonable sized business with over 50 customers and 6 distributors, those 6 distributors also got customers and distributors.

And then I did what a lot of people do. I lost enthusiasm and stopped! I was earning about 200 pounds a month. After a while I had under 50 customers so lost the commission for energy and went down to about 40 pounds a month.

But that 40 pounds has kept coming in every month. So after 16 years I have earnt about 9960 pounds. This is the power of residual income.

Still getting 40 pounds a month 16 years later!

So what did I learn and what can you learn from this:

  • Take it seriously when you join something
  • Attend and apply the training
  • Keep up with other people in the business and be encouraged by them to work hard and succeed
  • Don’t lose focus and stop or be distracted by something else
  • Don’t have a short term outlook – If I knew I would still be paid 16 years later can you imagine how much harder I would have worked on this
  • Help others – my income would have been a lot higher if I had made an effort to help and encourage the distributors I recruited.

If you are interested in looking into joining Utility Warehouse as a customer or as a distributor. Please click on the links below.

As you will know from my story I moved to Australia in 2017 but I can still help you from here (almost everything has been done online any way since COVID-19) I can also introduce you to a team member in the UK to work with you if you like.

Contact me at info@paulelphick.com for more information or if you would like a chat I can hop onto a call with you.

If you join you will get these websites personalised for you:






Note that Utility Warehouse is only available in the UK ie England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you are outside the UK my recommended Network Marketing opportunity is Ava Text Bot AI. With this Network Marketing program you would be re-selling textbot software which businesses and marketers can use to text their customers and leads.

Resellers earn payments of $100 or $500 every time someone joins/buys the software. It is on a 2 up system so the first sale you get the money is yours. The 2nd sale goes to your sponsor and then you get every other sale you earn and anyone you recruit pays their 2nd sale to you.

This has done well for me as you will see from my results I posted at https://textbotai.convertri.com

I would encourage you to watch the video on that website and take the textbot tour at http://100dollars.ai/ref/highpagerankmarketing

network marketing

Thanks for reading. Email me if you have any questions and please subscribe to the email list for blog updates.

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Paul Elphick

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