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Presentation Is Everything – Get Dressed To Impress

Looking good and looking Professional can make a real difference to your business. Both in Internet Marketing and also offline in the “real world”.

I remember a few years ago I was “between jobs” and looking for work. That day I was dressed immaculately in a 3 piece suit like the one in the photo below:

presentation is everything

Get Dressed to Impress

I went to my job interview. I didn’t get that particular job as it didn’t really match my experience or interests, as much as i had thought it would. After the interview I met my wife for lunch and we went to a nearby restaurant.

Would “Sir” Like to Order Now

Knowing that I would be “dressed up”, my wife also put on a professional attire. We went to the same restaurant we had been to many times before but immediately things felt different. Usually, we go there in casual clothes – jeans, t-shirt, shorts etc. This is usually the same for everyone, from a CEO to one of their employees.

When we arrived we received the most attentive service we had ever received there. Drinks were topped up, or replaced before we had finished them, and the waiter stood attentively close by as we had a perfect meal. Obviously we gave a good tip at the end, although tipping is not necessary or part of the culture in Australia.


Back to Normality

The next time we went, we wore our usual casual clothes, and the service we received seemed to return to normality. Adequate but nothing special. Why did the high level of service stop? Because we were no longer “well presented”

The staff associated our formal clothes with status and wealth and they didn’t recognize our faces from previous visits either.

The moral of the story is Presentation is Everything.

How to be Well Presented Online

You don’t want to spend a lot of time and/or money on a website if it looks dowdy, unattractive or like something from 2008.

How to Build Attractive Websites

You need attractive web pages that your visitors will want to stay and read, not click away quickly because they are turned off.

Take the time to build web pages with a beautiful funnel/website builder. The newest page/funnel builder on the market which is making waves and is the biggest news in internet marketing in 2020 is Groove Pages.

Their pages load exceptionally fast and come with strong behind the scenes SEO settings that ensure your on page SEO is first class. You see you need to be dressed to impress, not only for your visitors, but also for Google. They want to see webpages which load fast (Groove Pages strongest point) has good on page SEO (mentioned earlier) and are mobile optimized.

So I have 2 recommendations for you – Groove Funnels

If you do pick up Groove Funnels which you can get for FREE I would highly recommend the training course from Barry Plaskow and Jason Calouri – SAS Affiliate. In which they teach how to create fast affiliate websites with Groove Funnels and get them rank at the top of Google Search quickly.

A full review of SAS Affiliate will follow on this blog soon.

Check out the webinar where it is all explained HERE

I guess you are wondering why I am recommending Groove Funnels when this blog is on WordPress. The simple answer is that WordPress is still the best platform for blogs, however, Groove Pages will soon open Groove Blog and I will definitely be switching to it then and will benefit from a faster website, easier page building and no hosting fees anymore!

Graphics and Images

Groovefunnels come with a number of free templates you can use to get you started. In addition I recommend using Canva to get icons and logos designed for your website, and all the other graphics and pictures you need to make your website look amazing. Click the images below to try out Canva and see what it can do for you. A full review will follow on this blog.


Some people have a way with words and others not so much. If you are not completely confident with your English language skills use a tool like Grammarly to check your written content to make sure it is right for your audience.

I would also recommend learning about copywriting. This is all about using the right words for writing content, and most importantly for ads. It is all about writing something engaging that causes your audience to take action. I will research a suitable course and post it here.

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